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The Big Island Film Office was established in 1995 with the MISSION to market and promote the Big Island as a location destination for film production, to build local film infrastructure and capacity, and to nurture a film friendly supporting environment involving business, government, and local communities. As a part of County government, the GOAL of the Film Office is to promote economic development on the island through film and media production.

Production Services

Depending on the specific needs of the production, the Film Office can provide these services to assist in a smooth running show:

  • General information about “getting around” on The Big Island
  • Who to call to get things done
  • Where things are located
  • Guidance on sensitive cultural, environmental. and historical issues and protocols
  • Big Island events, activities, and cultural treasures
  • Locations jurisdictions, access, and contacts
  • Location photography and videos  from the Film Office web site, Picasa, and social media
  • Scouting arrangements and facilitation
  • Referrals to professional and experienced location scouts and managers
  • Referrals to other local crew and technical personnel
  • Recommendations to “film friendly” accommodations and other support service providers
  • Liaison between other film offices, government agencies, and community organizations
  • All aspects of permitting and production liability insurance requirements

Diverse Filming Locations and Ohana Database

The Big Island hosts 11 of the world’s 13 known climate zones, so has remarkable and unique location diversity. If you can’t find it here, maybe it doesn’t exist! Highlights include:

  • It’s the largest island in the Hawaiian Islands chain, larger than all four of the other main islands combined
  • It’s still growing—Kilauea is the world’s most active volcano and lava continues to add to the size of the Big Island
  • Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on Earth, from sea floor to summit
  • Mauna Loa is the world’s most massive mountain, sea floor to summit
  • Five National Parks
  • The world’s most advanced astronomical observatories at the summit of Mauna Kea
  • World famous beaches! Desolate moonscape lava fields! Old growth jungle! Huge cattle ranches and rolling pasture! Lava tubes and caves! Coffee farms! Flowers and botanical delights! Whales, dolphins, and ocean treasures! Much more!
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Join the Ohana Database

List your company or business in our Ohana Database of crew and production support personnel. Clock on the “Crew and Resources” tab, log in, and join us!

Production Incentives

MOTION PICTURE, DIGITAL MEDIA, & FILM PRODUCTION INCOME TAX CREDIT - Hawaii state’s attractive tax incentive program—Act 88— provides a 20% income tax rebate on local spending for qualified production on The Big Island and the other Neighbor Islands (15% on Oahu).  Check out the Hawaii State Film Office for details or call the Big Island Film Office.

There’s one other big incentive for shooting on the Big Island—it’s called the ALOHA SPIRIT! Its value can’t be measured and it’s available to all productions! We hope to see you soon here on The Big Island!

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